Getting your new sofa through the door

Getting your new sofa through the door

Many of us are familiar with that infamous episode of Friends, yep you know the one in season 5 where Ross tries and fails to get his sofa up a narrow stairway. So whether you’re moving homes or your moving your sofa into a new room within your home, here are our top tips for getting your sofa safely through a doorway without the need to yell ‘PIVOOOT’.

Do your homework

Firstly, make sure you accurately measure your doorway so that you know how much room you have to work with.
Secondly, find the widest and deepest points of your sofa and measure this and compare this against the measurements of the doorway. If your sofa measures narrower and shorter than your doorway, happy days! But, if your sofa is wider and taller than your doorway, continue reading.

Top tip: How to measure a sofa - use a large ruler or a tape measure and note down the width and height of your door frame. Take note of any narrow hallways or stairwells that you intend to move the sofa through too.

A little bit of legwork

Your sofa may very well have detachable feet or legs, so check this and if they are removable, you can remove the legs usually by unwinding them like a screw. This will reduce the overall size that you have to work with and will save you running the risk of accidentally knocking them on the door frame.

Top tip: If the cushions are removable, remove these too as they will contribute to the overall weight.

Use the buddy system

Sofas, especially large sofas can weigh quite a bit more than expected, so we recommend that you enlist the help of a friend, family member or even a professional before attempting to move your sofa on your own.

Work your angles

Not all door frames and sofas are created equal, so here is where you’ll need to get creative. If your sofa is taller than the door frame, tilt it on an angle so that it can glide through the doorway without banging one edge on the top of the door frame.

Be careful not to flaw the floors

Once you’ve got your sofa inside, it may be easier to slide it along the floor to get it into place. However, you may risk damaging your floors if you do this, so we recommend using some thick cardboard or a moving rug and with the help of your buddy, have one person push and the other pull your sofa into place.
If you’re in the market for a new sofa but are unsure if it will fit through your doorways, have a chat with our friendly sofa experts. Depending on where you live, we offer an Access Check service where we’ll visit to measure up to give you peace of mind.