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Are your sofas made by hand?

We make everything by hand in our own workshops. We have our own specialist tanning, fabric dyeing and printing workshops, through to cut & sew, frame construction and finishing. Everything is handcrafted using simple tools, time-honoured techniques and generous amounts of beautiful, natural materials.

What do you mean by ‘hand-finished’ leather?

Sofa Workshop by Timothy Oulton collections are made using only special selections of top quality hides, finished entirely by hand, using a process that can take up to 3 days for each hide. No heavy pigmentation, no grain correction, just translucent dyes that are worked deep into the leather while ensuring its magical, natural, properties are preserved. Our leathers develop their own patina over time and become more beautiful with age and wear.

I’m worried my sofa won’t fit in

Make sure you have checked your home measurements, this includes the size of doorways, your hallway, and the size of the stairwell (if going upstairs). Your local store can help you with this, so if in any doubt please talk to us.

What fillings do you use in your cushions?

Our wide range of upholstery is handcrafted using various cushion fillings including feathers, down, foam and fibre, depending on the model. Please refer to the online product page for the full description for your chosen item. Every sofa’s been tested by us and we’re confident we’ve got them just right.

How do I clean my sofa?

With a little bit of care your sofa should last for many years. See our care instructions for full advice on how to care for and protect your sofa.

Can I customise my own item?

No, we don’t usually customise products. We offer a wide range of styles, materials and sizes for you to choose from. Our range of sectional sofas come in various modular options so that they can be configured to your exact requirements.

The furniture piece I bought looks different from the one I saw in store. Is that normal?

Every piece is handmade so no two pieces are ever the same. Leather may vary in colour as the translucent dye is applied by hand, and each hide will have its own visible markings including stretches, tick marks and branding marks that are unique to each piece. Variances also occur in our furniture pieces, most noticeably in reclaimed timber, which weathers differently, or natural materials such as marble which will have its own unique degree of veining and patterns.

Are my credit card details safe with you?

Absolutely. We understand that you may be worried about submitting your personal details - especially when it comes to your credit/debit card numbers. However, Sofa Workshop promise you that our website uses the safest Secure Server technology to ensure that any details you provide us with are protected to the highest standards. We use Adyen for all payments and are SSL Certified. If you’re uncomfortable to order online visit one of our shops or give us a call.